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Jamón Ibérico “Iberian ham”

Iberico ham is a variety of Jamón, a type of cured ham produced in Spain.
Pork products made from Black Iberian breed pigs receive the ibérico denomination. As such, jamón ibérico is the dry-cured ham produced from the livestock of said breeds.Buy Iberico Ham online

Jamón Ibérico, especially the one labelled as “de bellota”, has a smooth texture and rich, savoury taste.

Pata Negra, meaning literally blackleg, Pata Negra is a commercial label for jamón ibérico. In colloquial Spanish and popular culture, it is used as a superlative or a synonym of the best.

Ibérico encompasses some of the most expensive ham produced in the world, and its fatty marbled texture has made it very popular as a delicacy